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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Map of Play?

The Map of Play is a community generated guide to playspaces across the country.

Why is the Map of Play important to KaBOOM!?

KaBOOM! envisions a place to play within walking distance of every child in America. To achieve this vision, it is important to know the location of each playspace in the United States. The Map of Play is both a playspace finder and a way to gather data on where playspaces exist, the condition of existing playspaces, and where playspaces are needed, so that we all can participate in improving the state of play in our communities.

In addition, as KaBOOM! builds knowledge of where playspaces exist and do not exist, we can map areas in need of more play and use this information to help guide policy at multiple levels.

How can I contribute to the Map of Play?

The Map of Play is not just a finder tool! Whether uploading a photo, rating a playspace, or adding a whole new playspace record, you can interact with the Map of Play in many ways! By adding a playspace, such as a park, playground or sports field to the KaBOOM! Map of Play, you will be helping other people find great places to play, wherever they may be. By rating a playspace, leaving comments, and adding photos, you will help others understand the quality of playspaces in that area.

How do I add a new playspace?

Click ADD on the homepage of mapofplay.kaboom.org. Follow the prompts for adding each playspace.

  1. STEP 1. Enter location information.

    You will need to have the following information:

    • Address or cross streets of the playspace
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
  2. STEP 2. Avoid Duplicates! The map will ask you if there is already a playspace record for this site. If so, click on the record and edit that existing record. If not, continue.

  3. STEP 3. Classify the playspace. This is where your judgment comes in. Don’t worry if it’s more than one type! Please classify it according to the dominant use at the site.

    For example, if it’s a park with multiple sports facilities such as baseball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts or a pool, but there is also a playground, please classify it as a sports field or sports facility and state in the description that there is a playground there too (and include a picture of the playground as well as the fields).

    If it’s a playground located in a park, that also has a baseball field or a tennis court, but the playground gets more use, mark it as a playground.

  4. STEP 4. Classify the location. In step 4 you need to select a location type. Parks are typically city parks, beaches, forest areas or trails. Housing refers to playgrounds within housing developments; school location is for sites located at a school; religious grounds is sites at synagogues, mosques, churches, or other religious institutions; commercial sites would be something like a mini-golf course or a site associated with a business; and library or museum is a playground or playspace that is part of a library or museum.

How should I classify a playspace when adding a new record or editing an existing record?

Usually there is more than one type of play at a playspace. We ask that you use your judgment to determine what the dominant use at the site. It’s ok if there are multiple records for a park – as long as they reflect different playspace types. For example, Main Street Park has a playground and a baseball field. It’s fine to have a record for Main Street Park – Playground and Main Street Park – Ball Field. If you are stumped, classify the space according to whichever one you use most frequently!

What are my pictures from Tag! not showing up on the Map of Play playspace records?

Great question! Your pictures are not lost or taken in vain. We are continuing to refine Tag! and how it interacts with the Map of Play website. At this time, pictures taken with Tag! are internally reviewed, selected, and displayed on the Summer Challenge page. Stay tuned for more!

What happens if I accidentally upload a photo upside down or to the wrong playspace?

That’s ok! Just email us directly at mapofplay@kaboom.org and let us know the issue and we will take care of it.

More Information

For more information on Mapping initiatives at KaBOOM! and the Map of Play, please contact:

p: 202-464-6086
e: mapofplay@kaboom.org