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Blue Slide Playground

Blue Slide Playground

Beechwood Boulevard and English Lane Pittsburgh, PA, 15217

Average Rating: 4.7 (12 ratings)
Playground, Park, Public, Free

This inspirational PlayBoosteru00ae design shows what is possible with a challenging site and a little imagination. This custom hillside structure takes on a rustic look with the use of Recycled Peak Roofs and Recycled Poly Walls. There is a custom Toddlertown/Clubhouse at this location as well. The area is complimented with a Custom Poly Bench, loads of contour Poly Benches and several well placed trash receptacles. LOCATED IN FRICK PARK!



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Amanda Badali about 7 years ago

This was THE playspot when I was growing up. They have updated all of the original playground equipment and it is truly a wondrous play to see. There is SO MUCH to do and see, I think children could spend every day there for a year and find something new to explore!!

Caleb Marshall almost 11 years ago

I grew up going to this park. The playground use to be called Blue Slide Park, named after the wonderful blue slide that was built into the hill. The hill is still visible from one of the pictures here but has been paved over with rubberized surfacing. Gone are all the other pieces that added character to this Playground, though the playweb is a nice addition. Anyway, I look at these pictures and am a little sad. But, that said, Frick Park as a whole is still an amazing place with plenty of untouched forest and field for a child or adult of any age to enjoy. Last time I was there, I also noticed that they had made one of the back fields into a dog park area. Really, the entire park should be open to dogs, but I do appreciate that dog owners have a legitimate spot to let their friends run free.



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