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Maury Elementary School

Maury Elementary School

1250 Constitution Ave. NE Washington, DC, 20002

Average Rating: 4.0 (2 ratings)
Playground, School, Public, Not Free

Public school: Facilities available for play during non-school hours.



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MsBlk1der over 9 years ago

It's awesome!

kellyse over 9 years ago

It is a large, fenced in area that is not fully utilized with a large playground. The playground is too small for the space and the whole school would benefit from a better one!

Jacqueliner over 9 years ago

Maury is a great school. It is like family!

joeweedon over 9 years ago

Great school that needs a new place for the kids to run and play.

vduckett over 9 years ago

Our play space is wide open. We have had help from our school community and neighbors in planting more trees on the playground to grow with our kids, we have won small grants to buy more balls and ropes oh, and don't forget sidewalk chalk, we have a newly paved soft surface with a butterfly in the middle, 2 basketball hoops, etc. Our school outside and inside is well maintained and our community works hard with us to maintain what we have since we are the second oldest building in DC Public Schools! Our kids play on our playground with their families and run through the grass in the front yard daily but we need to add imaginative possibilities like the ones you offer. Please help. We have added guided discovery to our Responsive Classroom beginning of the year procedures to enhance the outdoor play period. This helps our children understand how to play as a school community, possibilities of play and how to be more creative in our space. We are working with what we have but this could transform our children's play experience. I must also add that we have a principal who believes in the power of play and we as a school have taken a posture that supports children's growth in this area as we watch other schools in the US decrease play opportunities. Hey, we know it is deliberate play by what we offer but our kids feel that the world is their oyster! Please help us.

krisanne over 9 years ago

The diveristy of kids that play on the Maury playground!

knappellis over 9 years ago

My nephews are Maury students. They are blessed to be in an ethnically and economically diverse school. On the playground they are learning fundamental social skills that will serve them well all their lives.

Tom Mitchell over 9 years ago

Maury is a diverse public school in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with an active parental community. The permanent play structure is in excellent shape and well cared for. The local teenagers respect the play structure and children's area and do not use it for hanging out.

kvidal over 9 years ago

Our playspace is improving each year. Last fall, we got two new trees in our hardscape play area that will provide some much-needed shade in the warm-weather months, which will keep the kids and staff more comfortable.

schwitz119 over 9 years ago

It's a Title 1 school, serving 230 (and growing!) students from a wide range of economic and ethnic backgrounds every day.



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