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Ps 260 Breuckelen

Ps 260 Breuckelen

875 Williams Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11207-8214

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Playground, School, Public, Cost?

Public school: Facilities available for play during non-school hours.



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Guest almost 9 years ago

It is not fair that P.S.260 is closing.P.S.260 was my first School.I went there since Pre-K it was fun but then five years and ten months later I hear the School is closing,I was so sad because I pass all my classes in P.S.260 and now they are closing? I know if the School was depending on my behaivor only,I know the school would of closed long time ago but they need to understang we are students getting ready for college and jobs,if the students that dont want to learn should just take a test and see if they deserve to stay in that school and if not just kick them out of the school,BUT DONT CLOSE P.S.260 JUST BECAUSE THE STUDENTS, IT WAS NOT THE SCHOOL THAT DID IT, IT WAS THE STUDENTS! KICK THE KIDS ALL OUT THEN GET KNEW STUDENTS AND TEST THEM agian and see if they can stay or not,but from the distance I see P.S.260 it is a great school with lots of subjects and it is a helthy school and we eat less fat in school than we eat at home P.S.260 is a AWSOME MOST BRILLIANT AND INTELIGANT school! P.S.260 should not close down!



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