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Christopher Columbus Park, Passaic, NJ

Help The CarMax Foundation, TODAY, and KaBOOM! transform Christopher Columbus Park in Passaic, NJ. Far too many kids in America are not getting the balanced and active play they need to thrive simply because they do not have a safe and accessible place to play.
With your help, we can change that for Passaic's kids.

Visit Christopher Columbus Park!

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The Map of Play is both a playground finder and a way to gather data on where playgrounds exist, the condition of existing playgrounds, and where playgrounds are needed, so that we all can participate in improving the state of play in our own communities. It is a crucial source in helping KaBOOM! find Play Deserts, to then work within the community to ensure all kids are getting the active and balanced play they need to thrive.

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A guest added a new playspace called Sportbauka in Kazakh, Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan. 1 day ago
Melissa  Crowley

Melissa Crowley

Melissa Crowley added a new playspace called Fairfield City Park in Fairfield, Alabama, United States. 1 day ago


A guest posted an image of Flora S. Curtis Memorial School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States. 2 days ago
Tom Moskal

Tom Moskal

Tom Moskal added a new playspace called Red Caboose Park in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. 2 days ago